Urban wildlife

For the love of the urban safari

We throw around phrases like concrete jungle and urban safari. Phrases that evoke a sense of wild cities and untamed towns. But we don’t often appreciate the nature of urban areas. ‘Nature? What nature? No nature here. I live in the city.’

I’m not convinced. Sometimes we don’t have to go any further than the letterbox to experience the amazing natural world that we live in. So I’m using this collection of stories to introduce you to the incredible range of plants and animals that live right on our doorstep.

They have endearing quirks, strange behaviours and fascinating life-histories. Some of them live in cities permanently. We see them so often that we all but tune them out. Others only show themselves at certain times of year, or as they pass by on their way to somewhere else. Unique, exotic visitors. Then there are those that stay relatively hidden: unnoticed amongst the hustle and bustle.

It’s time to reconnect. Time to take the blinkers off and immerse ourselves in the the everyday nature that surrounds us. Because you might not always notice that they’re there, but I guarantee, you’d miss them if they were gone.



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