The case of the zombie roadkill
Hume Highway wildlife crossings / Road ecology

The case of the zombie roadkill

Bullsh*t, I swore gently under my breath. There’s just no way. That’s how one of the most interesting discoveries of my PhD began. A little bit of coarse language and a healthy dose of skepticism. I’d just received an email. Apparently an ecologist, in the course of their daily round of noticing things that normal people don’t notice, … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Threatened Possums and Gliders – A SWIFFT video-conference

Everyone loves a good acronym. And last month, I had the pleasure of being part of a seminar for a very nifty acronym indeed. SWIFFT, the State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Team, aims to improve the conservation and management of Victoria’s biodiversity by sharing the latest science and research with the broader community. The … Continue reading